Who is Press Pleasure?

Hi, my name’s Rebecca and I’m the founder of Press Pleasure. I’m of the belief that everyone has the right to know who they’re buying from and what their seller represents, so I thought I’d share a little bit about myself and the company!

My story is that I had undertaken little bits in the industry here and there, crafting and promoting products but, soon enough, I wanted to open up a new shop and give it my all – something risqué with a disregard for the unnecessary “hush, hush” that surrounds our industry. I took a lot of my inspiration from re-learning to love myself following a rather painful break-up; many of us will have been there – when it all ends, no matter how, you feel alone and very small again. My passion for my work helped me through this a lot, and I began to realise the empowerment one can take from trying new things, understanding oneself and re-instating their beauty. People talk about self-love a lot too… with an entire industry producing endless self-help books and beauty products (almost always aimed at women, with a price-hike!), I wanted to take a different angle on the whole thing. Self-love is about you. It isn’t about gaining the approval of others, or of those you’ve left behind – it’s about tackling the next challenges life throws at you with your head held high and an unwavering confidence in your own ability, style and beauty… sex will always play a part in that process. I believe that everyone deserves this, and I mean everyone!

It’s been a bumpy road since COVID, and a lot of people out there are single and there’s been a positively heightened conversation around trans rights and inclusion. Now, not to put down my successful and inspiring competitors, but with Lovehoney being started by two fellas on a whim and with Ann Summers having been bought by a parent company, I can’t help but feel that a lot of the bigger sex pleasure companies are driven by data-rich sales policies, marketing mostly to the majority groups in society (the safe bet). What I treasure about Press Pleasure is the organic, home-grown nature of it. With high-quality products and materials, I get the chance to be far more inclusive and provide products for often overlooked groups of people – sometimes I feel that sex product advertisements are too hetero-normative, failing to display pictures of and encourage trans people and people with different bodies to the (overly skinny) “norm” to engage with our industry. The effect? Well, that’s a massive amount of people who aren’t being encouraged to have the same self-loving and beautiful experiences that the rest of us get. Also, it means that I’m struggling to find trans models for Press Pleasure – non-inclusivity has always had a wider-reaching impact than we give it credit for (if you are a trans model interested in showing off your beauty, pop me an email at rebecca@presspleasure.com for sure!).

In relationships, I think communication and trying new things is so important. And as for all you single pringles? Well, why shouldn’t you buy a toy, or put on a nice new set before your “quiet” night in? After all, learning is often best done alone – you never know what you might be into.

In attempting to share the beauty that is exploration and self-love with the rest of the world, I hope to grow Press Pleasure into a successful business with these values at its core, laying the groundwork for a business that suits a brighter, more inclusive and encouraging future. I combine this with another love of mine… Animals! I visited Ukraine following the breakout of the war and helped a fantastic charity rescue animals from war-torn areas and bring them to safety in neighbouring countries. As hilarious as it would be to stick a lingerie set on a Labrador, we don’t test the products on them… I promise! But, every time you check out, you can add on a few extra pennies and help Harbin SHS continue saving the lives of so many innocent souls and I’d encourage everyone to do so!Thanks in advance 

It’s been great to share a bit about who I am and what the company stands for and seeks to be. I wish anyone who read this far all the best and remember to love yourself and enjoy your body – if you do, then others will!

Much love,


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