9 piece luxury restraint set
9 piece luxury restraint set

9 piece luxury restraint set

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Introducing the captivating and versatile 9-Piece Bondage Set, a complete ensemble designed to ignite your deepest desires and elevate your bedroom adventures to new heights. This thoughtfully curated set features an array of tantalizing accessories, including ankle straps, wrist straps, thigh straps, a collar, lead, and a convenient connector, all discreetly packaged within a sleek zipped bag with a convenient handle for easy storage and transportation.

The ankle straps are exquisitely crafted from high-quality, soft yet durable materials, ensuring both comfort and restraint during your intimate escapades. They feature adjustable buckles, allowing for a customized fit that securely holds your partner's ankles in place, enabling you to explore new realms of pleasure and power dynamics.

The wrist straps are designed with the same meticulous attention to detail, offering a combination of sensuality and restriction. Crafted to provide comfort during extended play sessions, they also feature adjustable buckles to accommodate various wrist sizes, giving you the freedom to control and guide your partner's movements.

For those seeking a touch of erotic elegance, the thigh straps are a striking addition to this set. Designed to encase and accentuate the curves of the upper legs, these straps provide a visually alluring aspect while enhancing the sensations of being bound.

To complete the ensemble, the collar exudes dominance and submission, making it an essential piece for any BDSM enthusiast. With its adjustable buckle, it ensures a comfortable and secure fit around the neck, allowing you to assert your control and establish an atmosphere of trust and surrender.

The included lead provides an opportunity for intimate exploration, enabling you to guide your submissive partner with precision and intention. Its sturdy construction ensures durability, and the easy-to-grip handle offers a comfortable grip for seamless control.

To facilitate the interconnection of the various elements, the connector plays a vital role in this set. Designed to link the ankle, wrist, and thigh straps, it provides a myriad of possibilities for positioning and experimentation, ensuring versatility in your bondage endeavors.

This comprehensive 9-Piece Bondage Set is carefully packaged within a discreet zipped bag, complete with a convenient handle for discreet storage and transportation. Its sleek design allows you to keep your indulgent desires private while providing a practical solution to organize and protect your precious accessories.

Unleash your fantasies and embark on a journey of pleasure, trust, and exploration with the 9-Piece Bondage Set. Whether you are an experienced connoisseur or a curious newcomer to the world of bondage, this set offers an exquisite combination of comfort, durability, and sophistication, allowing you and your partner to discover new dimensions of pleasure and connection.

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'Truly Golden'

My favourite of all the designs, it’s hard to find comfortable AND sexy but this ticks both boxes - Sarah


I never thought that the sexiest underwear I own could also be the comfiest! Such a flattering fit, looks so sexy, and comfortable enough to actually wear. Definitely my favourite set, this gets a lot of use.


I Bought this for my wife who sadly is a little body conscious. Due to where this set covers she felt so much more confident which was so great to see! thank you!


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